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Pride March (Jan)

Today’s Pride March day, one of the major events for midsumma. The moment I stepped out of home, I was hit by this sweltering heat that was oppressive enough to make me think twice about marching but I’m glad I did.
Rainbow colours, music, smiles and laughter were everywhere at the Ian Johnson Oval – the meeting point for the march. We were slightly lost at the start but we found our spot eventually, right behind the Greek and Gay. We had a few kitties marching for the first time so that was pretty exciting for them. P came with her mini drum sets and started giving some kitties a crash course on hitting the base, the on and off beats rhythm for the march. The course served us well and we managed to be fairly synchronised. The Australian Lesbian Medical Association (ALMA), represented by none other than our very own N decided to join Yellowkitties for the march and we were only too thrilled to have them.
Off the kitties and ALMA went with the march at 2.30pm (probably at 39 degrees C…

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