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Hokusai Exhibition and Marriage Equality (Sep)

We decided to have an art appreciation outing!  Four excited kitties headed to the Hokusai Exhibition at the NGV with great anticipation to immerse ourselves in the artist’s world of drawings and paintings today.  
Hokusai started his career at the age of 19 and had a strong passion for nature – animals, plants and especially mountains, specifically Mt. Fuji where he painted 36 different views of the magnificent towering mountain (  Perhaps his most iconic artwork best known worldwide is The Great Wave off Kanagawa (or simply The Wave).    

What really struck us was Hokusai’s persistence and level of grit to constantly improve his skills and artwork.  He was very humble and felt that he could only attain the title of an "artist” when he reached 100 years old.  Producing incredible artwork seems to be his calling in life. 

We were fascinated by how perfect the curves/lines were drawn and the amount of meticulous …

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