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ChillOut Festival Reflections (Mar)

Quite a number of YKers attended this year's ChillOut Festival. Different groups showed up at different times and most of us gathered together at the ChillOut Carnival. It was a lot of good fun and rather than having one person reflect and do a write up, I'll let some of the YKers tell you their reflections for the weekend.

"Second time to Daylesford and first Chillout, it was one of the gayest weekends of my life. I enjoyed staying in our “Linga Longa” cosy but spacious Edwardian cottage, checking out the knickknacks at the local shops, having big house parties with delicious BBQ and pizza dinners, watching the community Pride parade, relaxing on the picnic rugs in perfect weather at the Carnival, live performance by LadyHood band, rainbows everywhere, enjoying the country atmosphere with everyone so happy & gay, quiet drinks at the local cafe, walking around Daylesford lake, and getting to know everyone better. Thank you to I, N, M for organising the trip, Y and D f…

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